JCAA 2020 Heavy Hitters Fluke Tournament Results

The JCAA Heavy Hitters Fluke Tournament concluded on Sunday, August 9th. It was a three-day event although participants were only allowed to fish on only one day. Eighty-five boats were entered and most fished in very nice conditions on Saturday and Sunday. While fishing was slow for some boats, other boats had outstanding catches. The tournament was based on the total weight of the three heaviest fluke caught on each boat. The big winner was Matt Sorrentino who fished with Capt. Tony Pacitti aboard his Parker that does not have a name. The crew also included Tony’s Dad, David and their friend Joe Damiano. Their three-fish total had a combined weight of 24.42 lbs. Matt led the way with his personal best 9.92 pound fluke and also won the single prize that was awarded for the largest fluke in the tournament. The team also swept all the Calcuttas and won a whopping total of $14,684!

Dennis Machamer continued his hot streak in tournaments while captaining his new boat the Mistress. His crew’s three fish total was 20.56 lbs. Just behind them was Anthony Pansini’s crew with a total of 20.4 lbs.. Their catch included an impressive 9.64 lb fluke. The top three finishers in the tournament all weighed in their fish at Fisherman’s Den in Belmar. That might be an indication that the best fishing was out of Shark River Inlet but how far they ran is unknown. Fourth place went to Robert Murdza and crew with a total of 19.26 pounds and the fifth place went to Rick Pagliuco and his crew with a total of 17.79 lbs. The tournament also had a single prize for the largest sea bass which was won by Robert Dalglish with a 3.26 lb bass. However, Robert did not enter the sea bass Calcuttas. Therefore, both sea bass Calcuttas were won by Paul Haertel and his crew with a 2.48 lb sea bass that was caught by Ryan Loughlin. Their winnings totaled $3,413, not too shabby for a sea bass.

JCAA would like to thank all our participants and weigh-in stations as well as the publications, radio stations, FB groups and websites that helped promote our tournament.

Congratulations to all!

Three Fluke Total

FinsishCaptainTotal Weight
1st placeMatt Sorrentino24.42 lbs(Won both 3-fluke calcuttas)
2nd placeDennis Machamer20.56 lbs
3rd placeAnthony Pancini 20.40 lbs
4th placeRobert Murdza19.26 lbs
5th placeRick Paglivco17.79 lbs

Largest Single Fluke

Matt Sorrentino9.92 lbs(Won both single-fluke calcuttas)

Largest Sea Bass

Robert Dalgish3.26 lbs(Did not enter sea bass calcuttas)
Paul Haertel2.48 lbs(Won both sea bass calcuttas)
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