President's Report

by John Toth
(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association September 2020 Newsletter)

Let me first start my report by saying THANK YOU to Paul Haertel for running his 3-day Heavy Hitters Fluke Tournament during August 7th, 8th and 9th that had approximately 90 boats entering into it! Paul also had busy helpers to run this tournament that included Don Marantz, Paul Turi, Mark Taylor and a big Thank You also goes to them!

The JCAA, as well as other organizations are dependent on fund raisers such as this tournament for funding their operations. Given COVID – 19, many organizations cannot hold them due to social distancing issues. Because of this problem, the JCAA had to cancel its annual Fluke Tournament scheduled for September 12th along with its Sportsperson of the Year Dinner scheduled during November 15th. Both of these events are fundraisers needed by the JCAA to pay its office rent, utilities and other operational costs. In the many years of my association with the JCAA, we have never canceled them. But during this trying time, we had to do it for safety reasons. Consequently, your financial support of the JCAA during this difficult time is helpful to keep it going in its mission to represent the fishing rights of all anglers who fish in our state. Please send a contribution to the JCAA office located at 1594 Lakewood Road, Toms River, NJ 08755 to help the JCAA stay in action to represent you in all the fishing battles we continue to fight for you! Any amount, large or small, would be most appreciated!

What is particularly distasteful to me and, if I can speak on the behalf of Paul Turi, (who does a great job managing our office), is that we also had to cancel the Awards Ceremony of our fluke tournament at the Resorts Casino! As a weigh master for many years during our fluke tournaments, I have heard so many of our tournament participants comment, “when are you going to hold the Awards Ceremony in Atlantic City?” When we did have it in AC, it was always a nice event with nice prizes given away and our tournament participants having a good time gambling, seeing shows and eating at the specialty restaurants.

To duplicate this experience, we had a rough time in lining up a casino to hold our Awards Ceremony and finally, thanks to Rich Pasko, he set up the meeting at the Resorts Casino for us to meet with its staff to have this event at their casino. After some back and forth conversations with Paul Turi and Resorts staff, we had approval for a spacious room for our Awards Ceremony, a special rate for tournament participants to stay over and discount tickets for their restaurants! With all our efforts to having our ceremony at Resorts, we had to cancel it because of this virus! However, on a positive note, Resorts staff indicated that for 2021 we can still have our Awards Ceremony at their casino!

The JCAA does not hold meetings in July and August because of vacations and mostly because its members are fishing! I hope you had a successful summer of fishing and we will be going back to JCAA business during our September 29th meeting.

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