Nominating Commitee

by Don Marantz


(from Jersey Coast Anglers Association January 2005 Newsletter)

It is once again time for the election of JCAA officers. As we all know, each year it becomes harder to get members to devote time to help run our organization; and each year it becomes more critical to accomplish our goals to protect the rights of recreational anglers. We are under attack from all sides and we need to be vigilant.

If you are a member in good standing, why not consider running for a vital and respected position for JCAA officer.

The nominating committee has recommended the following slate of officers:

President-Bruce Smith

1st V. P. Dan Miller

2nd V.P. -Don Marantz

Treasurer-Doug Tegeder

Recording Secretary-Paul Turi

Corresponding Secretary-Jim Campbell

Membership Secretary- Open

The floor will be open for nominations for the election of JCAA officers during the December 28th regular meeting.

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